Efficient administration and control over plant equipment as well as other assets play a critical role in production and, ultimately, profitability. Success depends on multiple variables: daily oversight, regular inspections and service, precise management of specialized maintenance activities, and compliance with GxP guidelines. A successful Plant Maintenance program reduces equipment downtime, improves resource utilization, and streamlines your service operations.

Why traceREADY Plant Maintenance?

Typically, work orders are printed and allocated to the maintenance engineers to perform scheduled or breakdown maintenance activities. After completing the maintenance activity, the maintenance engineers provide the completed forms for subsequent data entry. These manual operations lead to a number of compliance and documentation issues that may result in Health Authority Audit observations.

  • Delayed entry to ERP leading to data mismatch between physical record and electronic record in ERP
  • Error in data entry
  • Missed or delayed activities resulting from difficulty tracking scheduled plant maintenance activities
  • Lack of accountability caused by the unavailable electronic information of maintenance engineer

During operations, the maintenance engineers have limited information on history, spares inventory, and work instructions for carrying out the maintenance activities effectively. This may lead to delayed or improper completion of the maintenance activities.

How can traceREADY help?

Navitas Life Sciences has developed a mobility application using industrial and personal mobile smart devices to enable automation of plant maintenance activities. This application interfaces with ERP on a real time basis to retrieve maintenance strategies, release the work orders and instructions, maintenance history, spares inventory, and update the maintenance status on a real time basis when a maintenance engineer completes the task. Quality Assurance is integrated with the maintenance activity for authorization via a workflow using a mobility device.

traceREADY Plant Maintenance mobility solution integrates fully with ERP and helps the maintenance engineers to:

  • Manage and track equipment maintenance for machinery, scales, instruments, and other critical assets
  • Act on preventive and breakdown (adhoc) work orders for servicing plants and equipment


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