traceREADY enables and optimizes Track & Trace for manufacturers, CRO’s, 3PL’s and Warehouse Facilities.

Receiving FG based on inbound delivery orders or PO/work orders. Create receiving event in TnT system
Pick & Pack
Based on the Sales order (or) outbound delivery materials are picked and packed into the shippers (with SSCC label). Create Commissioning & Aggregation event in TnT system.
Ship confirmation
Based on the Invoice (or) Sales order, scan the shippers (SSCC) and confirm the shipments. Create shipping event in TnT system
Manual removal shippers for sampling. Create De-aggregate, De-commissioning and Aggregate events in TnT system.
Capture material return Receiving business events for serialized product returned. Create Receiving event in TnT system
Create a parent/child relationship between serial numbers and generate SSCC). Create commissioning & aggregation event in TnT
Remove a parent/child relationship between serial numbers and regenerating SGTIN or SSCC. Create decommissioning & disaggregation event in TnT
Commissioning of individual serial numbers. Create commissioning event in EPCIS Repository
Decommissioning of individual serial numbers or all child serial numbers within a parent serial number. Create Decommissioning event (deactivate the serial number)
Parent–Child Enquiry
Determine the parent serial number that a child serial number is aggregated to
Manual removal of shippers for rework process. Create De-aggregate, De-commissioning and Aggregate events in TnT system
Bin to bin Transfer
Transfer the material from one bin to another
Reprint Barcode Label
Reprint an SGTIN or SSCC barcode label
Serial Number Enquiry
Request Serial numbers information from EPCIS

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