After November 2020, the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires wholesale distributors to verify returned serialized product prior to resale. The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) brought together key stakeholders across pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to define best practices for Verification Router Service (VRS), which enables pharma wholesalers in the US to validate returned pharmaceutical products before they are put back into commercial distribution.

Navitas Life Sciences is a part of the HDA Work Group to develop an integrated VRS solution.

traceREADY VRS manages routing of incoming requests to the appropriate manufacturer and gathers verification responses for a requestor view in compliance with DSCSA verification requirements. Our traceREADY VRS Solution is in accordance with the best practices recommended by the HDA and meets the DSCSA requirements for saleable returns.

In addition to VRS, the applications edge feature can integrate with your EPCIS to complete a serialization returns cycle, ensuring you can easily manage your saleable returns. For a responder the traceREADY application can leverage its inbuilt EPCIS connectors as well as connect with your responder service to enable data availability for a verification request. Our in-built workflow engine is highly flexible, connects seamlessly with ERPs, scalable for large enterprise, customizable to customers’ business process.

traceREADY Delivers Results

  • Compliance


    HDA and GS1 compliant

  • Speed


    Quick implementation within 4 weeks

  • Flexibility


    Integrates with EPCIS and other VRS Systems

  • Scalability


    Allows addition of modules as per new regulatory needs


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